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Joe and Barb Dabney at Sport Show, July 2013
Joe and Barb Dabney at a Sport Show, July 2013.

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Joe Dabney has been hunting since 1953. He grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee at a time when there were no deer, no turkey, only small game to hunt. But over the years he has been blessed to hunt the tundra of Alaska, the Rockies and plains of the American west, his beloved Southeastern U.S., the moors of Scotland and the bushveld of Africa.

Joe always enjoyed the planning phase of his own hunts, so starting a booking agency where he could help others plan their adventures and fulfill their dreams was a logical step. He is a disabled Vietnam veteran, but still thinks hunting should be done on foot!

Barbara Dabney was raised in a hunting family in the Ouachita Mountains of West Central Arkansas. Therefore, when she and Joe got married in 1977, she had no problem accepting his hunting lifestyle.

Barbara has done a bit of hunting herself, but mostly has enjoyed accompanying Joe on his adventures. Joe is quick to point out that without Barbara’s encouragement and support he would not have gotten to hunt as much as he has.



Joshua, Sherry and Kevin Kayn in South Africa’s beautiful Eastern Cape.
Joshua, Sherry and Kevin Kayn in South Africa’s beautiful Eastern Cape.

Both Kevin and Sherry Kayn are lifelong residents of Upstate New York. Kevin has been hunting small and big game since the age of 14. He bagged his first whitetail deer over 35 years ago.

He has been blessed to hunt several states, including Alaska, for a variety of game. Kevin has also hunted in a number of Canadian Provinces and South Africa’s beautiful Eastern Cape.

Kevin had always dreamed of hunting in Africa, but with him and Sherry, his wife of 25 years, raising a family on a construction worker’s salary he had decided his dream would never come true. Then he discovered Mankazana Safaris.

In 2013 Kevin, Sherry and son Joshua made their first trip to South Africa. As with most hunters who make it to Africa the first time, Kevin did return. To quote Kevin, “If I can do it, anybody can!”

Sherry is not a hunter but has been to Africa and would be more than glad to talk with any ladies who are thinking of going on safari with their husbands/significant others.

So, for those of you who live in the northeast, Kevin is more than willing to help make your African dream come true.


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