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Southeast Alaska

2011 Alaska Brown Bear
A beautiful Alaskan brown bear taken in 2011.

About Outfitter

Welcome to Southeast Alaska. This area has some of the highest bear densities in the world. Not only are there a lot of bears but many grow to giant size on the protein and fat rich diet provided by each year’s salmon runs. In addition to brown and black bear we also offer mountain goat, Sitka black-tailed deer, wolf and sea duck hunting. In addition to the game species you will likely see an abundance of other wildlife such as bald eagles, sea otters, whales, seals and many more species native to the area. Outside the hunting seasons we also offer fishing and/or touring charters. Please inquire.

All our hunts, other than the early alpine flyin goat hunts, are based from the 50 foot boat, Emydon. Warm, dry, with comfortable bunks, and a well stocked galley, you will have most of the comforts of home. IF you happen to anchor in the right location fishing, clamming and crabbing may be available, resulting in the freshest seafood dinners to be found anywhere. But keep in mind, this is a hunting trip and the availability of the game animals sought is our top priority. However, once your game is in the bag we will gladly relocate so you can take part in these other activities for the remainder of your hunt.

Southeast Alaska is a temperate rain forest, so it does not get bitter cold but it does rain and snow, a lot. See the FAQ section for clothing recommendations.

This outfitter is very popular and often stays booked two years in advance. Please contact us for hunt availability and current pricing.

The Hunts

We offer both spring and fall hunts for bear. In the spring we glass grass flats and beaches from our small hunting boats. Once a bear is spotted, a stalk is planned and executed. In the fall more walking is involved as we hunt slowly up the salmon streams looking for bears as they move in and out of the bordering brush to feed. Shots are often taken at very short range.

Brown Bear

All brown bear hunts are 1X1. We enjoy a 90% success rate with all hunters usually seeing bear 8 feet or larger. On average 35 bears are spotted per hunt. Brown bear are hunted on Baranof and Admiralty Islands. These hunts are 10 days, two of which are travel. They typically take place Mid April-Mid May or Sept 15-30. Black bear can be combined with brown bear but about a half days travel time is needed to get from prime brown to prime black bear habitat.

Black Bear

All black bear hunts are 1x1. We have a 95% success on bears in the six and a half to seven and a half foot range. Practically all hunters had shots at bears 6.5 feet or larger. Typically 25-30 bears will be spotted per hunt. Black bear are hunted on the mainland and Kuiu Island. These hunts are 7 days, two of which are travel. They typically take place Mid April to Mid June and Sept 15-30.

Mountain Goat

Our most physically demanding hunt. All mountain goat hunts are 1x1. They are 7 days, two of which two are travel. If you want to successfully hunt goats you must be in shape and capable of climbing and descending a couple thousand vertical feet daily. We have around 70% success on goats but all hunters get to see large numbers. The boat based winter hunts can be easier IF heavy snows push the goats to lower elevations. Minus the heavy snow the winter hunts can be the toughest. The boat based hunts take place November 1-December 10. The early alpine hunts take place Mid August to Mid October, require a charter flight into an alpine lake (we will provide a cost estimate) and are conducted from tented camps. ALL goat hunts require the hunter to be in his best physical condition.

Sitka Black-tailed Deer

Outstanding deer hunting can be had throughout the month of November from the Emydon. These are 7 day hunts, two of which are travel. A second deer can be taken for a trophy fee. Deer may also be taken incidental to other species in the fall, for a trophy fee.


Wolves are also abundant. They are hunted by calling, howling like another wolf. Being highly territorial, the wolves come to check out the stranger, with the alpha male frequently leading the charge. Eli jokingly says most of his wolf hunters must shoot in self defense. Wolf may only be taken incidental to hunting other species, for a trophy fee.

Sea Duck Hunting and Fishing

Hunts for sea ducks and fishing can be arranged. Please contact us for details.

Non-hunting Observers are welcome.

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Prices for boat based hunts include the following: Pickup at Petersburg, AK airport, transportation to hunting areas via boat, meals (including locally harvested seafood), hot shower, towels, bedding and bunk. Services of a licensed professional guide and crew appropriate for the arranged hunt. Safe and well maintained equipment, first aid equipment and crew with up-to-date First Aid and CPR training. Field preparation of trophies.

Prices DO NOT include: Commercial air travel to Petersburg, AK. Local air charters, unless previously arranged. Hunting license and game tags. Pre and post hunt lodging and meals. Alcoholic beverages or medications such as motion sickness pills. Shipment of hides or trophies home or to your taxidermist. Gratuities for the guide and crew. All items of a personal nature.

Two Items of Note

Most Alaska outfitters have adopted a NO SOW rule when bear hunting, so they will not knowingly allow their hunters to shoot a female bear.

Alaska Fish and Game has imposed a rule in SE Alaska which states that any brown or black bear wounded and lost is considered taken and the hunt for that species must end. So make sure your first shot is a good one and keep shooting!

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